Re: [slight off-topic] old archive request

From: Daniel Staudt (
Date: 08/23/99

>From: Peter Ajamian <>
>To: Daniel Staudt <dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM>
>Subject: Re:  [slight off-topic] old archive request
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 14:06:16 -0700
>Daniel Staudt wrote:
> > ok i have gotten lots of ppl telling me how to not get messages
> > anyone know what/where the software is?
>Hotmail will do it for you, from your Inbox click on the "Options" tab,
>click on "Filters".  From there you will see all sorts of different options
>that you can use to block mail from various senders, or you can filter
>according to what is contained on the subject line.

well i guess no one knows of the software

i know all about filtering i have about 7 of them i got off the list to
reduce the internet traffic


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