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From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 08/12/99

At 05:25 PM 8/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>rama wrote:
> > i need help with a strange error in linux. i try to make it under linux
> and i
> > receive this output
> >
> > In file included from mobcmd.c:36:
> > structs.h:353: warning: `/*' within comment
>It looks like you probably deleted a closing comment (*/) by accident from
>structs.h.  It would be on the last comment that comes before line
>353.  Fix that
>and most (if not all) of the errors will go away.

The "/* within comment" error in my experience has been due to an attempt
to nest comments.
That might be ok in a windows compiler, but nesting comments on Linux.
The most common reason for me doing this myself is commenting out a swathe
of code that I'm rewriting, and not noticing there's a comment within the

Even if you "correctly" nest comments (/*  blah /* blah2 */ */) it will
complain loudly.
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