Cvs questions..

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/12/99

        I've been using cvs for a long time, and though I feel pretty
confident with it, I still depend on the info file (the 180 page one) from
time to time, which irks me.  Perhaps I can save some time by asking here
        I've got the main mud src on cvs, and i'm about to start a
seperate branch.  This branch will still need to have all the changes from
the main branch applied to it - so far I can handle this..

        Now I'm also going to be adding/altering large sections of code,
each for a particular purpose (like one for a new magic system, another
for the change say, from round-based combat to event combat, etc).  I'm
going to need each purpose-sized piece of code defined by well, #if define
statments so I can toggle each set on or off at will.  I know there's a
way in cvs to do this automagically, I just don't know how off the top of
my head.



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