Re: version of olc that works with bpl15

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 08/15/99

>       Hi, I sent this message a few days ago and got no response so what
> is the best version of olc that works with circle30bpl15?  Please write
> back?  bye

"Best" is entirely relative :)  There's two "common" packages of OLC out
there: Obuild and OasisOLC.  OasisOLC v2.0 (avail. from CircleFTP) is to
my knowledge the only package atm "based" on Circle bpl15.  There's no
reason why OasisOLC v1.6b and/or Obuild.08 won't patch into bpl15 though,
might take a bit of work on the *.rej's.

Or, wait a few months for OasisOLC v2.1 which (fingers crossed) will
contain both packages with a bowtie.


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