Re: Bounds Checking

From: Tooie (
Date: 08/19/99

you could alway try using
if(isalpha(*arg) || *arg == '0')

there is also another function you may want to look into and that is

something like
if( (strspn(arg,<array of valid values>)>0)


>I need to do some bounds checking where the valid values
>are the number 0, and the lower case letters a-z. (upper
>case letters are converted prior to entering this function so
>I do not need to worry about that)
>I currently use (if arg && *arg) but this is letting thru
>values such as -1.
>I've never used it but there is a regex library which will do all of
>your regular expression matching. As far as syntax and the actual code, I
>can't help you with that.

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