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From: Rich Chiavaroli (
Date: 08/24/99

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Colleen Conlin wrote:
But the character could still self delete and on re-enter, was seen as a
new player.   I set it again on a demi_god character. Same thing.  It
seems to not be implemented in the code. Has anyone done this or come
against the nodelete not working? This is causing the mud much grief. Any
help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

--The !delete flag works with purgeplay which is in your bin directory
(src is in src/utils). What the flag does is not delete a player marked as
!delete when purgeplay is run on the binary player file. Waht you could do
is set the !delete flag bato to where it should be.. and in interpreter.c,
find "case CON_MENU" There will be another case statement under this. The
number corosponding to player deletion could be different on your mud so
you'll have to figure out what that is. Anyway go to the appropriate
number and add a check for level. Though I think that the better solotion
to your problem is to eliminate the advantage that they are getting from
whatever they are doing, rather than disabling functionality. Well that's
if you call deleting functionality.

Anyway, the check you'd want to add before it asks for the password is

if(GET_LEVEL(d->character) > 15) {
  SEND_TO_Q("\r\nPlayers over level 15 are not allowed to delete.", d);

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