[newbie] [code] nodelete

From: Colleen Conlin (colc@NSW.BIGPOND.NET.AU)
Date: 08/24/99

We are having a lot of problems with hacking on the mud.  I would like to
implement a system where a player cannot delete after a certain level to try
to overcome the hacking and selfdelete of hacked characters that we are
Using grep, I determined that the only place in the code - bpl11 - that
nodelete appears is in act.wizard.c
In act.wizard.c around line 2200, there is a nodelete in the set command.  It
is standard at demi_god. I changed it from demi_god to level 15, set a
nodelete flag on a high level character (lvl 90), statted the character and
it definately showed !del flag.  But the character could still self delete
and on re-enter, was seen as a new player.   I set it again on a demi_god
character. Same thing.  It seems to not be implemented in the code.
Has anyone done this or come against the nodelete not working?
This is causing the mud much grief. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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