Re: Strange Compiler Message

From: Jeremy Music \ (
Date: 08/23/99

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Chuck Carson wrote:
> Yes, it was proto'd.
> However, funny as C can be, I moved this function
> into the middle of the file (but still after the
> call to this function) and it compiled with no
> errors.
> I have strenuously checked all functions after this
> new location for stray }'s and etc... that may have
> gone un-noticed to the compiler.
> Another sidenote, this file (class.c) takes an extremely
> long time to compile compared to the other files.

That sounds like a misplaced, not missing } which is creating some looping
or something but "funny as C can be" it may not actually cause a compiler
warning.  You might watch memory usage when this file is compiling.  If it
skyrockets then this is probably the culprit.  If CPU usage skyrockets,
same thing.

These type of errors can be exceptionally hard to track down.  An easy way
to narrow them down is if you happen to figure out what function isn't
working (that got absorbed by the stray }).

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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