Re: [CODE] memory usage

From: Louise Auger (louisea@sco.COM)
Date: 09/08/99

Martijn Schoemaker wrote:

> What is cheaper, memory or CPU power. I think memory usage of 13Mb is
> not worth compressing since memory prices just about hit rock bottom
> and all you invest in cutting down a few percent of memory usage is going
> to result in either more disk acces, more cpu usage and generally
> will cost you your flexibility (i.e. OLC) If I look at an xterm under
> linux it already consumes 1.5Mb memory, and that's only a terminal
> emulator.

Yeah, however the problem here is we're heading towards the limit for
the particular mud account we have, can't afford to upgrade the
account and don't want the inconvenience of moving elsewhere.

Oh for the days of free high speed permanent connections from my
university room :)


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