[CODE] memory usage

From: Chris Gilbert (chris@buzzbee.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 09/07/99


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to lower the
amount of memory that a game uses?  At the moment we're booting up and
using about 13MB (5000+ mobs (3000+ protos) 6000+ objs (3700+ protos),
and 6000+ rooms (87 zones)).   I've looked at the wldswp patch from
ceramic mouse, but don't like the idea of having all the test saved out
into a file and then loaded back in as needed, especially as hacking in
OLC stuff would be interesting.  I've pondered compressing the text as
it loads in, and then uncompressing it as it's needed, but I don't think
it'll give a great saving in real usage.  Has anyone come across this
kind of problem before?


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