Re: [CODE] memory usage

From: Fafhrd (
Date: 09/08/99

 Ah, the good old days of only needing 32 megs. Duris is at about 64 megs
which is still fine, as we have 256 megs currently installed :)

An old method duris once used, was to check for dupe descrips when reading
data files. If its a dupe, have it point to the previous instance, rather
the same string twice. Oceans, roads, forests etc tend to use lots of duped
descrips, and you just may find the savings worth it.

However, I kind of like the following suggestion for compression. Once I
out this threaded SMP stuff, Im going to look into that...

>Check 'man zlib' if your system has it.  It uses standard gzip style
>compression so an added benefit is that you can write out directly without
>any decompression and have the ability to un-gzip by hand if you need to
>at the files.  I am going to start looking at how to do this myself as my
>memory usage is now pushing 32 megs.  (so, if you get it figured out first,
>let me know exactly how it works  :)

>Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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