Re: News about dg script and linux problem

From: Jeremy Music \ (
Date: 09/10/99

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, rama wrote:

> the message is
> ./ autorun: line 92 : 4037 segmentation fault   bin/circle  $FLAGS $PORT
> >>syslog 2>&1
> this is the message that i receive when the mud crash.

gdb ../the/path/to/circle core

That should show you what line is causing the problem (if you are lucky,
and this error doesn't look like one of those crazy memory errors that is
so hard to track down)

Then just go look at that line and see if there is an obvious problem (you
may have made something windows specific without intending).  If not, at
least you can post a message saying 'This line seems to be causing the

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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