Re: News about dg script and linux problem

From: rama (
Date: 09/10/99

> gdb ../the/path/to/circle core

> Then just go look at that line and see if there is an obvious problem (you
> may have made something windows specific without intending).  If not, at
> least you can post a message saying 'This line seems to be causing the
> problem'

ok i have do the debug session and the response is that

int real_trigger(int vnum)
  int rnum;

  for (rnum=0; rnum < top_of_trigt; rnum++)
    if (trig_index[rnum]->vnum==vnum) break;          <----

  if (rnum==top_of_trigt) rnum = -1;
  return (rnum);

the line with a arrow have some error ....
someone have any idea? i think that if i comment the line all will be ok (i
have try and seem to work) but this is not a professional and clever way to
solve the maybe someone have a correction or somethink like that.
also did you think that i must report this problem to the page that have dg
script? maybe this bug appear only in my system (or the other people are better
coder the me :))

bye bye

grazie dell'aiuto (tanx ..tanks or whatever :)) for help and sorry for my
terrible english )


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