Re: [LONG] Recent posts...and answer to Re: pl12practice setions

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 09/11/99

Brandon Brown wrote:
> I really hate to flame, but I've been seeing an increasingly large amount of
> this type of post recently and a decreasing amount of intelligent,
> interesting posts..

I don't think it's a lack of intelligence I think it's a acase of the
growth of easy communicaton that's done it, I've seen it at work, rather
than spend 10 minutes thinking about something and looking at code or in
a good book people just ask someone.  I remember reading something
claiming that we are loosing the ability to learn for ourselves, IE why
look in a book when you've got a whole mailing list of 450 or so people
to have a go at.  (although this is good coming from me after my recent
question on compression and swapping out of text to a file to save
memory)  Imagine what would happen if you freely gave your ICQ number on
a mailing list like this?

At work in a bid to reduce the number of ridiculous things that we get
asked we've restricted out developer support to 3 calls per contract, if
one of them is irrelevant to the product (IE not our fault) you loose
one call.  Sounds harsh but it means that the developers will actually
have to think for themselves.  Otherwise it's about 5,000 (UKP) to get
another 3 calls added.

I think it's just a sign of modern society that if you can get someone
else to do your work you do.


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