From: Sean Johnstone (xual@danathara.dhs.org)
Date: 09/11/99

Hi gang,

  I have a quick question...  It seems that when my mud starts because of a
host reboot (ie: power failure or the like)  the server refuses to dump a core.
When I've logged in and started the autorun script by hand, there is no
problem.  However, when I follow the instructions in the FAQ,  the mud crashes
and no core.  The script I  use to start the MUD's is as follows:


cd /home/xual/mud_stuff/the_mud/
cd ../builders_mud/

The entry in /etc/rc.d/rc.local looks like:

echo "Starting up the MUDs"
su xual -c /home/xual/bin/mudstart

ulimit -a tells me:

[xual@danathara xual]$ ulimit -a
core file size (blocks)  1000000
data seg size (kbytes)   unlimited
file size (blocks)       unlimited
max memory size (kbytes) unlimited
stack size (kbytes)      8192
cpu time (seconds)       unlimited
max user processes       256
pipe size (512 bytes)    8
open files               1024
virtual memory (kbytes)  2105343

        This is running Red Hat 6.0, a recent upgrade from 5.2.  The same
problems occured under 5.2, where ulimit showed core size was also unlimited.
Any ideas?

 "Misery is boundless"
        -Xual the Torturer, on the Eve of the Sundering.

Danathara Online RPG

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