From: Zeavon (
Date: 09/12/99

>   I have a quick question...  It seems that when my mud
> starts because of a
> host reboot (ie: power failure or the like)  the server
> refuses to dump a core.
> When I've logged in and started the autorun script by hand,
> there is no
> problem.  However, when I follow the instructions in the FAQ,
>  the mud crashes
> and no core.  The script I  use to start the MUD's is as follows:
> echo "Starting up the MUDs"
> su xual -c /home/xual/bin/mudstart

Any process that is started via 'su' will not core dump. It's a security
feature to prevent information contained with datafiles/binaries from being
dumped to a file that is readable by someone else.

To make sure that the mud starts up at server reboot, you should look into
running a cron job every 10 to 15 minutes.

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