Skills that degrade when not used (was Re: Skills that improve on their own)

From: Anil Mahajan (amahajan@PROXICOM.COM)
Date: 09/13/99

We've been planning a skill system based partially on this concept
for our MUD.  But, another concept we plan to integrate is a system
that will balance out the learn-by-use system.
   That system is a forget-by-unuse system.  If a player doesn't
use a skill in a really long time, the skill would decrease.  We haven't
built it yet, but there were a few ideas of implementations that I had.
Perhaps a cache-like system keeping track of the most often used, and most
recently used skills (or it's inverse, the least used).   Or a use counter
of some sort.
   Eventually unused skills would partially degrade... sort of like the
things you learn in school.  You remember some fundamentals but if you
don't ever use them, or don't continue to use them you forget a little.
   I personally feel that one system shouldn't really exist without
the other, since usually the learn-by-use is added for "realism".
   Has anyone ever heard of a forget by unuse type system being implemented?

- Anil
RoadKill@F.U.C.MUD 4000

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