Global Buffer and another problem

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 09/14/99

1) I hope this is not a stupid question, but has been bugging me

I have a question concerning the global buffers declared in db.h. Are
these allocated for each socket connected to the mud server? I notice
that these buf's get set to NULL in a lot of functions as well as
with strcpy and sprintf. Is it possible for two players to trigger two
in such a manner that one function destroys what the other function has
done with the buffer? Maybe a need some sleep or something but this is
boggling me.

2) I have done a 'poor man's hack' of 128 bits using the old AFF2_, AFF3_
method and added three more bitvector_t's to the affected structure.
works great, spells are applied correctly and etc... however, I noticed that
casting affect spells such as curse on a mob yields a corrupted duration
In magic.c I set the duration to 1 + GET_LEVEL(ch) where level = 110. The
duration is defined as a short int (I believe 4 bytes on my machine) anyway
should fit into a 2 byte int anyways. So, when I stat the mob it lists the
as 898. I checked do_stat_char and I do not see a problem there.

Any ideas?


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