Re: [CODE] Errors: auto_equip

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/13/99

Krylon wrote:


Did you install the autoeq patch into bpl15?  If so, that is probably the
cause of your errors.  Stock bpl15 already comes with autoeq, you simply
have to enable it by changing one line in structs.h (of course if you
already installed the patch then go back to your last pre-autoeq backup or
you can try to reverse the patch).  The following is from structs.h.

 * If you want equipment to be automatically equipped to the same place
 * it was when players rented, set the define below to 1.  Please note
 * that this will require erasing or converting all of your rent files.
 * And of course, you have to recompile everything.  We need this feature
 * for CircleMUD 3.0 to be complete but we refuse to break binary file
 * compatibility.
#define USE_AUTOEQ 0 /* TRUE/FALSE aren't defined yet. */

That's all you have to do to get autoeq in bpl15, if you try to install a
patch for it you're likely to duplicate a lot of code and mess a lot of
things up (note that bpl14 did not have autoeq and did require a patch to
get it).



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