Re: Skills that degrade when not used (was Re: Skills that improve on their own)

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Date: 09/17/99

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> We've been planning a skill system based partially on this concept
> for our MUD.  But, another concept we plan to integrate is a system
> that will balance out the learn-by-use system.
>    That system is a forget-by-unuse system.  If a player doesn't
> use a skill in a really long time, the skill would decrease.  We haven't
> built it yet, but there were a few ideas of implementations that I had.
> Perhaps a cache-like system keeping track of the most often used, and most
> recently used skills (or it's inverse, the least used).   Or a use counter
> of some sort.
>    Eventually unused skills would partially degrade... sort of like the
> things you learn in school.  You remember some fundamentals but if you
> don't ever use them, or don't continue to use them you forget a little.
>    I personally feel that one system shouldn't really exist without
> the other, since usually the learn-by-use is added for "realism".
>    Has anyone ever heard of a forget by unuse type system being
Well thats somewhat harsh considering some skills(maybe not in your mud) are
used only in SPECIAL circumstances but it doesn't mean that  I can't
practice them to retain my knowledge. I would recommend that you lower the
skill as they go up in level to reflect that the character is no longer as
skilled as those of their current level. 5% or so per level, so if they
don't use the skill to increase it every level then they slowly lose it in
relation to levels gained and non-use.

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