Re: Skills that degrade when not used (was Re: Skills that improve on their own)

From: Mike Forbes (
Date: 09/17/99

> > We've been planning a skill system based partially on this concept
> > for our MUD.  But, another concept we plan to integrate is a system
> > that will balance out the learn-by-use system.
actually I like this idea.  Just as an example of a real-life application:
I used to fence avidly- my roommate & I belonged to an escrimar (fencing
school) in Northern Virginia, and fenced 3 or 4 times a week, for 2 hours
at a stretch.  In a short time I got to be good enough at it that I won
gold medals for fencing in my school (although I came in pretty low in the
regionals).  Now it's been several years since I've fenced, and I'm lucky
if I can even remember what the various paries are.  Skills DO decay with

-Mike Forbes

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