Re: Skills that degrade when not used (was Re: Skillsthat improve on their own)

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/17/99

Mike Forbes wrote:

> > > We've been planning a skill system based partially on this concept
> > > for our MUD.  But, another concept we plan to integrate is a system
> > > that will balance out the learn-by-use system.
> (snip)
> actually I like this idea.  Just as an example of a real-life application:
> I used to fence avidly- my roommate & I belonged to an escrimar (fencing
> school) in Northern Virginia, and fenced 3 or 4 times a week, for 2 hours
> at a stretch.  In a short time I got to be good enough at it that I won
> several
> gold medals for fencing in my school (although I came in pretty low in the
> regionals).  Now it's been several years since I've fenced, and I'm lucky
> if I can even remember what the various paries are.  Skills DO decay with
> time.

okay, I may as well put my two cents into this topic...

You learn to ride a bycycle and you never forget, you may get rusty, but you
don't have to re-learn it if you stop riding a bycycle for years and decide to
take it up again.  The same applies for any skill, you get rusty, but the
amount of time it takes to bring the skill back up to the previous level is
greatly reduced.

Just my two cents,


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