moblists and the sort

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/20/99

        Well, I wrote up that patch like I said I would. Funny enough the
mailer code I wrote previously as pseudo code worked just fine.  I
followed my own advice and now you've got a seperate list which contains
only npcs, which is moved/copied over.  Exceprt from the readme:

        The moblists patch was created for stock circle3.0 bpl16, though
it is easily modifiable for others.  It simply wraps the mobile_activity
function in a wrapper which allows you to make otherwise crash-prone
activities from within your mobile activity loop (such as removing or
altering entries in the character list).  As such, this falls under the
'bugfix' patch type.

        It's uploaded to the ftp site, and though i have yet to mail
anyone about it, I will shortly, and I'll asume it comes up tomorrow


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