Bad Fragments Report From circlemud (fwd)

From: George Greer (
Date: 09/21/99

Check your number...see if you're on it.

#7 was my old CircleMUD patches page but I've changed it to point to the
Ceramic Mouse now.

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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 09:45:16 -0700
From: Webring <>
Subject: Bad Fragments Report From circlemud

Webring has discovered that you have sites in your circlemud Ring which do
not valid HTMLfragments.  Invalid HTMLfragments break the Ring and make it
difficult for users to surf through.

If you are getting this message now, then you or one of your Helpers
enabled the RingChecker utility and chose to automatically move the Members
to the Queue.  If this is not what you wanted, we suggest that you log in
to Management, go into the Ring Configuration section, and to change the
RingChecker options.

There may be several reasons why the HTMLfragments on the sites listed
below are invalid.

++ Members may no longer be receiving e-mail at the designated address.
++ They may no longer want to be in the Ring and may have removed their
HTMLfragments altogether.
++ They may have misspelled the URL in the HTMLfragment
++ They may have an invalid RingID or no RingID in the HTMLfragment

The following sites in the circlemud are invalid.

1 58 49 47 53 57 56 44 50 48 3 7 12 13 14 19 20 21 23 25 27 28 30 32 33 39

If you have enabled the QueueChecker utility, depending on the QueueChecker
options you selected, when Members correct their HTMLfragments they will
either be moved back into the Ring automatically, or you will be notified
that they have corrected their HTMLfragments.

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