Removing char_file_u

From: Zeavon (
Date: 09/21/99

I've converted my mud from using binary pfiles to an ASCII method similar
to Sammy's ASCII Pfiles a long while back. I just finished rewriting
structs.h so that it no longer exists. It's been broken down into room.h,
object.h, char.h, zone.h, defines.h, etc.

While doing this, I have also rebuilt the structs that are associated with
char_data so that they make more sense to me. This has lead to a major
overhaul of char_file_u and db.c. While doing this, I came to realize that
I may not need char_file_u anymore.

Has anyone removed char_file_u from the picture? Without char_file_u, you
can go straight from char_data to the data file in lib/player/* and back
again. This would save code and time during the character load and saving

I haven't looked into this idea too deeply at the moment, but I was
wondering if anyone else has done/attempted this and how it worked out for
you? If you haven't done it, but still have a suggestion or three to throw
my way, I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks in advance!
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