Re: Removing char_file_u

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/21/99

> Has anyone removed char_file_u from the picture? Without char_file_u, you
> can go straight from char_data to the data file in lib/player/* and back
> again. This would save code and time during the character load and saving
> processes.
        The main purpose, as far as I could tell, was to map the savable
things such as specific structs, strings, and the sort while discarding
the things that were not saved - such as mob specific attachments and the
like.  I removed mine.  If you're still using yours, or aren't sure if you
have any dependancies on it, just rename char_file_u to something like
garbage_u and see what happens when you compile :)

        It took me a short amount of time to hunt down all the oblique
references to it, but it isn't that hard once you're using ascii pfiles
(though - i had both operating during a switchover period!)


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