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From: Alex (
Date: 09/24/99

> What I want to know is why OLC, 128 Bit update and ASCII player files
> are not being included in the latest versions of Circle.  To my
> knowledge most people end up patching them in anyway.
The nice answers are:
 OLC - Read the FAQ.  Specifically, there's a stub in for OLC in the
       code.  When 3.1 comes out, there *may* be a rudimentary OLC.
       However, this provides an *excellent* time to learn how to patch.
 128 Bit Update - Why should anyone need 128 bits?  I've run a mud for
       six years now, and I haven't even filled up 32 bits to this point
       (and don't suggest that it is because we've got nothing special
       in the game).
 ASCII Pfiles - Been talked about for a while... but hasn't been decided
       on exactly how we want it to be done.

In the meantime, it isn't hard to patch things into the code, mixing three
patches such as these gives a really good learning experience for patching


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