From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 09/27/99

Today, The Merciless Lord of Everything spake to the list:

> I think the answer lies in that missed_pulses becomes too high, and
> thereby flips over, at least that would explain that part of the problem.

Note that this doesn't only happen when missed_pulses goes negative.  It
also happens when missed_pulses is zero.  It's conceivable that since your
MUD is going so fast missed_pulses is equal to zero continuously.  Note
that this shouldn't cause a crash -- it may depend on what version of
CircleMUD you're using.  I would, first, recommend getting a better idea
of what exactly the problem is.  Change the log() call that prints the
message above to this (provided that your log() function takes a variable
number of arguments -- if not, make the appropriate hack using sprintf()
then log()):

    log("SYSERR: MISSED_PULSES NONPOSITIVE (%d)!!", missed_pulses);

So that'll give you some idea of what missed_pulses is equal to.  Now, if
the number it prints is very negative, in all likelihood you have the
roll-over that you suggested.  However, if the code has in fact started to
go mysteriously faster and since this problem, according to you, is native
to your Linux system, I would assume that (a) you have added some
non-portable code to your game_loop() that is messing up on Linux, or (b)
the C library you are using on your Linux system is messed up.  You'll
need to provide more information for us to pinpoint the problem.  It's 100
times more probable, BTW, that you have a near-infinite loop or you just
messed something up.

Since you cannot reproduce the problem, I would place my bet on a
near-infinite loop causing roll-over (although this wouldn't give exactly
the same symptoms as you described, it might behave similarly enough to
fool you).

> I've only experienced this on a Linux 5.0

FWIW, there's no such thing as "Linux 5.0."  The latest stable version of
the Linux operating system is 2.2.11, with the betas being somewhere in
the 2.3.x range.  What you are undoubtedly referring to is RedHat or some
other Linux *distribution* that is in version 5.0.  What distribution
you're using may also help us determine if the problem is in that arena,
although I very strongly doubt that.


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