From: Lord of Chaos (
Date: 09/28/99

"Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:

> go mysteriously faster and since this problem, according to you, is native
> to your Linux system, I would assume that (a) you have added some
Humm.. I don't know really if it's native to the linux, I meant to say
that it was only seen on the Linux version, the Development platform
does not have this problem. But of course, since no or very few players
are online on the development, it's probably even harder to reproduce
the problem. Scavenging through old logs to find other similarities, I
found that the two occasions I could find happend around midnight. I'm
not saying that it's when it rolls over to a new day, but it seems
strange that the two seperate occasions does that.

> times more probable, BTW, that you have a near-infinite loop or you just
> messed something up.
Probably.. :) Now to figure out what it is, I'm usually pretty carefull
about not creating non-endable loops. And if it *is* possible to get the
code to go into an undening loop, I usually make a little counter that
breaks that particular loop with an error (Stopping the mud completely).
But since this is old code, BPL11 revamped, rebuild, hacked and
rehacked, I might have introduced an Unwanted loop without realizing it
somewhere. :7

> other Linux *distribution* that is in version 5.0.  What distribution
> you're using may also help us determine if the problem is in that arena,
> although I very strongly doubt that.
Yes, of course, it's not a Linux 5.0, but a Redhat 5.0, what the heart
if full of and all that.. :)

Thanks for input, very helpful indeed. :)


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