From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 09/28/99

Lord of Chaos wrote:
> "Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:
> > go mysteriously faster and since this problem, according to you, is native
> > to your Linux system, I would assume that (a) you have added some
> Humm.. I don't know really if it's native to the linux, I meant to say
> that it was only seen on the Linux version, the Development platform
> does not have this problem. But of course, since no or very few players
> are online on the development, it's probably even harder to reproduce
> the problem. Scavenging through old logs to find other similarities, I
> found that the two occasions I could find happend around midnight. I'm
> not saying that it's when it rolls over to a new day, but it seems
> strange that the two seperate occasions does that.

That sounds a possibility...

> But since this is old code, BPL11 revamped, rebuild, hacked and
> rehacked, I might have introduced an Unwanted loop without realizing it
> somewhere. :7

Try comparing the time code with what's changed in circle patches from
then till now, see if something stands out as a fix for it...  I know
that it was changed in a patch somewhere around pl13 I think.


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