Re: [CODE] Oasis and structs...

From: Emil Nilimaa (
Date: 09/29/99


if (d->olc) {               <------------ this is line 148 oasis.c
   mudlog("SYSERR: do_oasis: Player already had olc structure.", BRF,
CREATE(d->olc, struct oasis_olc_data, 1);

Well i changed LVL_IMMORT to LVL_BUILDER..
think thats what in the stock olc code.
Now this dont crash when trying to use olc..  but instead other
crashes occur.

Like when exiting redit, and trying to save room...

or when exiting medit, the game "hangs" and the computer starts
working like mad, lagging down totally...

These other crashes did not happen when i had LVL_IMMORT up
there in the mud log...

whatta mess

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