[CODE] Oasis and structs...

From: Emil Nilimaa (kyos_overlord@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/28/99

this is a continue on the char_player_data
problem, with a few more things.

Trying to add "something" in struct char_player_data
crashed the mud when using olc.
The things i tried to add were the afk snippet from ceramic mouse,
and some extra titles.. everything failed.
Olc crashed the mud.

Now i tried another thing,
adding an attribute.. just to check...

so added in class.c where the other stats are rolled:

ch->orig_abils.voi = number(1, 10);

and in structs.h with the other stats:

   sbyte emp;
   sbyte wis;
   sbyte cha;
   sbyte intui;
   sbyte voi;           <-----------

Now i didnt want this saved so didnt add it to the save functions
for ascii pfiled in db.c

compiling code works, but this gives EXACTLY same thing
as the stuff i was trying to add in char_player_data,
the char *afk_message  things etc.

gdb gives:

Program terminated with signal 11, segementation fault:

#0  do_oasis (ch=0x82e2f40, argument=0xbffff881 "", cmd=205, subcmd=0)
    at oasis.c:148

in oasis.c at line 148 you find:

if (d->olc) {        <---------- 148
mudlog("SYSERR: do_oasis: Player already had olc structure.", BRF,
  CREATE(d->olc, struct oasis_olc_data, 1);

bugging my brains out, since i cant add stuff to struct..

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