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From: Zeavon (
Date: 09/27/99

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

> Today, Zeavon spake to the list:
> > AI has always interested me, and I know that the mud would be a
> > wonderful implementation of AI activities. The problem is that I'm not
> > quite sure where to start.
> The question you have to first address is whether or not it's *REALLY*
> worth it.  Are your players really going to notice it?  Are they really
> going to care beyond the "cool" factor?  As coders we do a lot of silly
> things that our players don't really care about because we convince
> ourselves, "People will think this is really cool."  No, they won't.  We
> grab onto these things for their challenge.  Their interesting to us from

I think it'll be worth it. I'll be doing all of the coding for my own
edification, not for the players, so what they think of what I want to do
is irrelivant on this matter. Of course, I do want to do things that
improve the world at large (mud wise, that is), but my main driving goal
for starting up my mud was to see if I could do it. As I find more things
that I can do, I see more ahead of me that is a challenge.

> Not really.  It's a *VERY* broad field.  Saying "AI" encompasses

Shows how little I know on the matter. I thought that AI was a pretty
tight field category. I guess not. :)  Thanks for the clarification.

> Basically, my suggestion is to *fake* it.  I did some work a long time ago
> on a logic engine for mobiles.  This basically provided a comprehensive

I've already faked it for combat and a few other things as well, but there
just seems like there is so much more than can be done with making the
mobiles more active. I don't want them to take the place of the players.
The players are the key people of the world and I don't want them to live
in the shadow of a pseudo-intelligent creation of mine. Now that the faked
intelligence is in place (for the most part,) I'd just like to move on and
see what's around the next corner.

> I have to be heading out the door to drop off some paperwork and run some
> errands, but if you want more information, simply ask and I'll try to post
> something more comprehensive later.

Sounds like you're as busy as I am. Thanks for the input that you've
already given. Anything else that you can give on the matter will, as
always, be appreciated.

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