Re: Very annoying hanging problem.....

From: Zeavon (
Date: 10/05/99

> >For the third time in the past month, this is probably your
> nameserver.
> >Set nameserver_is_slow to YES in config.c and recompile or read the
> >September (and maybe even October) 1999 archives for more
> comprehensive
> >replies.  Specifically, search for "nameserver", "DNS", and "slowns".
> Well, gee, obviously if I'm asking it again, your little fix
> didn't work!
> Some people...

I'm surprised that I'm actually helping a smart-ass like you (if you want to
flame back do it in private so you don't embarass yourself in public.)

Check your CON_ states. I'd bet that you changed something in there that is
preventing you from getting the login screen and the prompt. Either that or
you trashed your descriptor/connect code somewhere. Think about what you
changed betwen the time it was working and the time that it wasn't. Go back
and un-do those changes.

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