Re: Very annoying hanging problem.....

From: Jamie Nay (
Date: 10/05/99

OK, sorry.... more info.
I only made a minor update (changing one of the 'spell wear off' messages),
nothing that could possibly do this.
The last few lines in syslog are the ordinary... loading rooms, zone tables,
and spell definitions. Nothing changes when I try to connect from localhost,
it still just hangs at the "connected to localhost" message.
I have a spare crystal ball, I can mail you one. :)

>A little more information please...  What changes did you make between the
>time you could log on and now?  What exactly does the syslog tell you?  Can
>you connect from localhost?  Unfortunately, my crystal ball was destroyed
>a rampaging herd of penguins and a replacement isn't expected to arrive
>any time soon ;)

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