Re: Very annoying hanging problem.....

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 10/06/99

Jamie Nay wrote:
> OK, sorry.... more info.
> I only made a minor update (changing one of the 'spell wear off' messages),
> nothing that could possibly do this.
> The last few lines in syslog are the ordinary... loading rooms, zone tables,
> and spell definitions. Nothing changes when I try to connect from localhost,
> it still just hangs at the "connected to localhost" message.

Changing a message shouldn't cause this but you'd be amazed ;)  One
thought I had i that you used an editor that changed some of the line
endings in a file (DOS/windows uses ^J^M (or is it the other way around
(^M^J)) unix just uses ^J (I think I can never remember, I just know
that it can get messed up))  Shouldn't really make any difference, but
you never know.

I'm assuming that you're using cygnus 20.1 (you just said 20 in an
earlier post)  If not you should upgrade, does the compiler throw any
warnings up?  Does straight stock circle work?  IE can we pin it down to
being a configuration prob and not a change you've made?  Does bpl16
work for you?


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