Re: Very annoying hanging problem..... at Oct 6, 99 08:35:01 am

From: William A Forgette (
Date: 10/06/99

Even though I am a newbie, I would like to say I had the same thing happen and
it was due to a garbage character at the end of a file.  I was at work, edited
something in windoze rather than linux, ftp'd rebooted and froze.  Then I
decided to just go in and use vi and saw the garbage....

For what's it worth....

> Jamie Nay wrote:
> >
> > OK, sorry.... more info.
> > I only made a minor update (changing one of the 'spell wear off' messages),
> > nothing that could possibly do this.
> > The last few lines in syslog are the ordinary... loading rooms, zone tables,

> > and spell definitions. Nothing changes when I try to connect from localhost,

> > it still just hangs at the "connected to localhost" message.
> Changing a message shouldn't cause this but you'd be amazed ;)  One
> thought I had i that you used an editor that changed some of the line
> endings in a file (DOS/windows uses ^J^M (or is it the other way around
> (^M^J)) unix just uses ^J (I think I can never remember, I just know
> that it can get messed up))  Shouldn't really make any difference, but
> you never know.
> I'm assuming that you're using cygnus 20.1 (you just said 20 in an
> earlier post)  If not you should upgrade, does the compiler throw any
> warnings up?  Does straight stock circle work?  IE can we pin it down to
> being a configuration prob and not a change you've made?  Does bpl16
> work for you?
> Chris
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