Re: [CODE] Delete Command

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/04/99

Chris Proctor wrote:

> Or make an alias:
> alias delete set $1 deleted on; at $1 purge $1; set file $1 deleted on
> One line, and it handles offline players too! Wow! ;-)
> The extract_char mightn't be a great idea unless you don't mind their eq
> just lying around. Unless my memory of how extract_char works is faulty,
> anyway.

When you purge a player it also leaves thier eq behind, a better way would
be to teleport the player to a dump before purging them as follows...

alias delete set $1 deleted on; teleport $1 <dumproom>; send $1
<your_name_here> has deleted you!; purge $1; set file $1 deleted on

Of course you need to replace <dumproom> with the vnum of an actual dump in
your MUD and <your_name_here> with your own name.

Regards, Peter

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