From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 11/04/99

        Actually just looking for some commentary on the GUI of a program
I was writing to do both off-line building & real time building/update.
I've got the formats for everything but the zeditor.  It's not that I
couldn't make it quickly, but I'm still not curious how it ought to look.
As I see it I can either make  it in a normal outline-type format;

        Load an Orcish Warrior [#322]
           and equip it with a Rusty Sword [#121]
           and equip it with a Stained Leather Vest [#222]
        Load a Large Chest [#122]
           and put an apple in it [#123]
           and put an apple in it [#123]
           and put an apple in it [#123]


        Or, I can make it look, graphical I suppose.. little gingerbread
men shapes you drag onto a room, and then drag items/weapons into both
mobs and the room.....

        In anycase, I'm just curious what anyone thinks is both the
easiest, and most informative format.


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