Re: Mobs and Experience...

From: Steven (
Date: 11/05/99

I always felt, as with in live role-playing (D&D etc), that mobs shouldn't
all be
the same.  Like every bugbear should be equally as strong, equally as smart,
  Just like people are varied.  Even dogs can vary in how intelligent they
are.  It's
a little off the subject, but when you said that, it brought that to mind.
I use to be into role-playing, I made a chart where I'd role percentage to
of what ratio of there max potential they had reached (this also allowed for
younger or elderly versions of the same creature).

> None whatsoever, I did however experiment with a system that made the mobs
> experience value increase over time if it remained unkilled. This promotes
> exploring nicely, especially if for example a mob that's unkilled for 36
> hours gets a 100% boost to exp value. Using this logic you could also make
> mobs "grow" over time, since after all, they don't kill players so often
> make it worthwile to make them grow from exp.

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