Re: [CODE]: Auto-Completion

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 11/11/99

Ryan Kahn wrote:
> Was wondering if anyone could help me figure out some type of
> autocompletion, whether by directing me to a snippet, helping me
> personally, or directing me to a patch.  Thanks.

Circle mud (like most muds) switches the client into line mode (Send a
line at a time to the mud)  to do tab completion or similair you'd need
to use char mode (send every char typed to the game).  Then pickup on
the tab char, and do someting with it, how you go about this I don't
know, but you also need to handle delete's CTRL-U, W, R, IE standard
ctrl sequences that the telnet/mud client handles in line mode.  You'd
actually be writing a telnet server in reality.  It would also increase
your bandwidth usage as every char typed creates a small packet, rather
than a line that sends just 1 packet containing the line.


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