Adding to player structure.

From: Emil Nilimaa (
Date: 11/11/99

Ok, i have had this problem before.
But i couldnt get it to work properly.

When i want to add something to the player structure,
stuff seems to mess up. And when using the olc (oasis), for editing
mobs (medit), the game crashes.

Now what i want to know is:

when adding something to the playerfiles, (like a RACE_NUM)
shall i add it in struct char_player_data, or
struct player_special_data_saved?

Also, i been doin it in char_player_data before,
but do the order i add stuff in there make a difference?
Like if i add "int race;". and then want to add "int subrace;"
do their order make a difference?

I been trying to change some stuff in there, since i first added
races as "byte race;", but now want to change it to "int race;".
Anyways if i put "int race" in one place, the game crashes, if i move it to
another it goes just fine...shrug.

char_player_data is really buggin my ass off.

Anyone been adding stuffs to player structures and is also using oasis olc,
pls give me some info how to do this right.


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