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From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 11/12/99

Hmmm, lots of people who name computers use a theme.  I have seen x-men,
zoo animals, mathamaticians, rocks, garden veggies, characters in
Buckaroo Banzai (the movie), star trek, elements, designers,
tomatoe species(what is my boss thinking).  I swear there is a RFC
on just this topic.
OB circle:
Um, that set name patch/snippet posted earlier has one fatal flaw.
(Well at least one)  It allows you to rename a person the same as
another character.  You could end up with 2 player file entries for
Bert but only one obj file (ouchies)

"Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:

> ObOffTopic:
> What do people name their computers?  I've recently had difficulty
> thinking up names for the addresses of my computers.  This is obviously a
> very important decision (and I can even tie it into CircleMUD, since the
> name of a particular computer at JHU became the name of Jeremy's little
> MUD project), one which could change the course of my life for years to
> come.  Okay, so maybe that's a bit on the melodramatic side.  But, in any
> case, I've named two of my computers thus far.  The one I'm sitting at
> right now, which I think of as the same computer I've had for the past
> five or so years (although I've changed NEARLY every part of it, with the
> exceptions being the floppy drive and my SoundBlaster 16), which is
> currently a Pentium II, is 'hoodoo' (no, I didn't spell, "voodoo," wrong;
> fetch a dictionary and look it up, the OED and OAD have it, at the least)
> running Slackware 7.0 (as of three days ago).  The other named computer is
> 'tyro'.  This is the newer computer, a Pentium III.  It doesn't do a whole
> lot right now other than bookkeeping and playing of DVDs.  Finally, there
> are three other machines that are in need of names (yes, I know, I own
> five computers and that makes me strange.  But, really, I own more than 5,
> these are just the ones that are part of my house network).  The sound
> server, which is in charge of playing MP3s and such; the game computer,
> which has a pretty obvious function; and the printer/word processor
> computer, which is your standard MS Office setup.  Prospective names are
> 'mozart' for the sound server; 'checkers' for the gaming computer; and
> 'redcoat' for the big, bad Win98 computer (which, up until I put together
> the Pentium III, was the only computer running just Windows [the game
> server runs it and Linux], and thus was analogous to a redcoat: a British
> soldier in the American Revolution).  So, how do you other people name
> your computers?  Have better names for any of mine?
> -dak

Excusing bad programming is a shooting offence, no
 matter _what_ the circumstances.
-- Linus Torvalds, to the linux-kernel list

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