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From: Jason Beeland (
Date: 11/15/99

Hi, my name is Jason Beeland, and I'm working on integrating the ascii map
code posted on into my
ud( ).  I
have gotten the maputils.c file compiled and completed the changes to comm.c
and act.informative.c.  I
am now ready to start making maps.  I have been attempting to get the mapgen
source the author provided to compile.  Unfortunately I have had no success
whatsoever.  Honestly my c compiler (gcc under linux-mandrake 6.0) had quite
a fit over it.  The most obvious error is that apparently my compiler does
not like variable declaration anywhere other than the head of a function.
So i declared all variables at the begining of each of the funcitons.  Still
no dice.  It also has a problem with these statements:
codes[i] = new char [256];

apparently it has no idea what to make of  "new char [256]"
Unfortunately I'm too rusty on my C to understand it myself (Other than
coding mud content i have not studied or used C in over 7 years.  :P  )

just for the sake of argument i removed the three lines which contain
similar code as this example.  Afterward it gave me only one error:
Undefined refferance to "ltoa"
any ideas on how i could get this source to work with my compiler?  barring
that, could anyone send me a copy of the compiled executable for a win32
so i can just generate my wld, zon, and map files and then upload them?
(I figure this source would prolly compile on a win32 compiler since the
example of useage for this program appears to be DOS based, unfortunately I
have no DOS/Win32 C compiler)
I thank you for any assistance you can provide in advance.
Jason Beeland

ps: in case anyone is curious, my mud is called Silverun and will be under
construction at 7777
(though don't go looking to be impressed, it still needs LOTS of work. )

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