[Newbie] Address already in use?

From: Jonah Arnot (IRPharoah@aol.com)
Date: 11/17/99

I'm afraid I've gotta ask the intelligent, experienced readers of the
CircleMUD mailing list for something that I consider to be a newbie problem
once more.  Earlier today, I had a crash on the MUD that I code for.  After
checking it out and fixing what caused the crash, I attempted to restart the
MUD.  I say attempted because when I hit the ol' "autorun &" command, and
attempted to log in, I had a slight problem.  I could connect to the port
fine, but nothing was running on it.  It hit the port and just stuck there,
doing absolutely nothing.  After tailing my syslog.CRASH file, I found that
there was something evil happening.

"Wed Nov 17 20:30:03 :: Setting player limit to 60 using rlimit.
Wed Nov 17 20:30:03 :: Opening mother connection.
bind: Address already in use"

That's what it said at the very bottom of the crash syslog.  I'm assuming
that that means that somehow when the MUD crashed it left the port open.
Now, the port is open, but nothing's on the other side once you access it.
Similarly, when the MUD tried to access the port to open it, it found that it
was already open, and so caused an error.  That's all I can think of, since
when I try to run it on another, slightly different port, it works fine.  If
anyone can help me, I'd be extremely appreciative.  Thanks,


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