Re: [Newbie] Address already in use?

From: Oleg V. Volkov (
Date: 11/17/99

On Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 07:06:53PM -0800, Peter Ajamian wrote:
> Jonah Arnot wrote:
> > was already open, and so caused an error.  That's all I can think of, since
> > when I try to run it on another, slightly different port, it works fine.  If
> > anyone can help me, I'd be extremely appreciative.  Thanks,
> try the following...
> ps ux
> find the process which is still attached to the port and kill it with
> "kill -9 <#>"
> if you can't find any processes attached to that port then talk to the
> server admin and get him/her to free up the port.

Actually "kill -15 <#>" is much nicer. kill -9 is last resort.

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