Re: circle help!

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 11/20/99

Victor Wennberg wrote:
> hi, i have some questions. please answer theese questions.
> #1 if i fight a mob how to make me see the mobs current hp. not, the xxx is heavily wounded and that stuff.... i want the HP of the mob to be shown.

grep the src for AUTODIAG, that shows where the flag is.

> #2 if i rent in stock circle the eq will be removed (not removed from char) but removed from worn/hold/wield how to make it stay worn/hold/wield when i rent.

I thought that went into circle at about pl15?  maybe it needs turning

> #3 how to change the prompt i don't want  *hp *gris *moves >  i want
> [ *hp *gris *moves ]

grep make_prompt *.c should find the func that makes the prompt.


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