Re: [Newbie][code] Stock Code & DG_Scripts in BPL16

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/20/99

Del wrote:

> BPL16 and DG_Scripts:
> Not sure if anyone has put it in there yet.. I am working on puttin it in..
> stock 16, with oasis 2.0 and dg scripts.
> Having fun since george moved code all over.. but should have it done within
> a few days..
> and upload it to

I fixed DG_SCRIPTS 7a to work with bpl16 and created a new patch from
it, I sent the new patch to Mark and he said he'd put it up on the site
but I haven't seen it yet.  This patch has the above mentioned bug fixed
however there is one problem that I have not gotten around to fixing,
the zedit new command doesn't work.  If anyone is interested in using it
or fixing that final bug (it will work fine if you want to create new
zones by hand from the shell), send me an email and I'll send it to
you.  It will patch right into stock circle30bpl16 without any failed
hunks and it will compile and work fine with the exception of the above
mentioned error.

Regards, Peter

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