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From: Zeavon Calatin (
Date: 11/22/99

> On 22-Nov-99, you wrote:
> ZC>> however, has someone ported obuild 0.8 to bpl16? that is an
> ZC>> editor I really
> ZC>> liked.
> ZC>
> ZC> Last I heard OBuild was up to bpl12 or maybe 13 tops...
> Not much has
> ZC> changed that should break OBuild too badly since then.
> Patch it in, fix the
> ZC> rejects and voila!... you have a working obuild.
> I did try it, fixed all the rejects. but there were simply
> too many errors in
> obuild.c for it to compile.

Such is the life of a coder... Not everything will be given to you on a
silver platter. Find one error in the code that you CAN fix, then move on to
another that you can fix and continue to do that until there are no more
errors left.

One way of making the task less daunting is to dump the compiler output
(errors and all) to a textfile that you can then edit, make notes in and
mark what you want to fix and in what order. To do that simply type:


If you can't handle fixing errors in code... Then you can't handle coding.
Sorry if that makes me sound like a hard-ass bastard[1], but that is the way
things are in the real world of software engineering.

[1] I'm actually a soft-ass bastard. :)_

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