Re: [newbie][code] DG Scripts install

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/23/99

Dalamar wrote:
> Is it just me or is Dg Scripts real unstable? After added it to a few
> versions of code, I get tons of small error, and some memory leaks. The
> Errors dont bother me to much, I can commit a line or two and "fix" them

You cannot fix errors by simply commenting oyt the lines that cause
them, all you will end up doing is loosing the functionality that those
lines of code is supposed to give you (maybe one of them is supposed to
free up some memory?).

> (anyone know a real fix? I feel like by just commiting it out, I lose a
> feature of the scripts).

Often times you loose more than just a "feature".

> The Memory leak is killing me, every time OLC is
> used to make a new Item/mob and then try and load that new Item/mob it
> starts to eat up memory. Now I use MSVC++ 6.0, and run it on a NT Server,
> would that have any effect on this?

Are you trying to compile the program as a C++ program?  CircleMUD is
written in C, NOT C++.

> I have 5 builders, and we started with basic bpl15 code with OLC,

DG_SCRIPTS comes with OLC, while there are older versions that will
patch against a MUD that already has OLC in it they are older versions
(and hence have more bugs) and you are likely to run into problems if
you have a different version of OLC than the version that patch was
created for.  Best recommendation is to reverse-patch your OLC (fix the
bad hunks and make sure it compiles and runs), and then patch in
DG_SCRIPTS pl7a complete (again fix the bad hunks and make sure it
compiles and runs).  Do NOT fix compiler errors by simply commenting out
chunks of code.  Figure out why the compiler is complaining and fix the
actual error.

> after
> showing them DG_scripts we all agreed it would be good to have, and since
> then have been trying to get a stable version of it.

> IF anyone has a stable
> version of Dg Scripts, in almost any Version of Circle, I wouldnt mind at
> least looking over parts of the code. This is really starting to fustrate
> me. Any Tips are greatly welcomed.
> ~Jason

Regards, Peter

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